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Classic Portrait Course in Oils - OUT NOW

13 11 2018

I am so delighted to announce that my Classic Portrait Course in Oils is now out!  This course has taken myself and my videographer almost a year to produce.  We have painstakingly taken the features and eye studies allowing students to begin at the very beginning.  I SHARE all my skin formulas and all my eye colours, as well as my hair swatches.  Literally, everything is provided for you in this course.  The six full-length portraits have each carefully been chosen to challenge the student with different portrait difficulties, as well as tackling the various skin and hair colours.   I have included my secret skin and hair swatches so you will never get confused how to mix a variety of hair and skin colours - and I have given you a blank template so you can mix your own skin swatches too!  

The idea behind the course is that the dedicated student will be able to paint ANY portrait once they have completed this course as intended.  It is not an easy course - but it is a methodical course and I take the student step by step through each procedure.  This is exactly how I teach my students in my three and five-day courses in my UK studio here in Cheshire.  Nothing is missed off!  I do the same individual demonstrations that I teach in my UK workshops.  You could be sitting right by my side as I demo each and every step of the portraits.  My videographer Paul has done an incredible job of capturing every brush stroke!  YOU SEE EVERYTHING!  

I believe that this is the course that will give you a much greater understanding and confidence for painting and make it achievable!  YES, YOU CAN do this!    I have seen so many courses online that seem almost impossible to comprehend when you begin portrait painting where you think it impossible that you could ever do that!   However, this course is different - it DOES make it seem possible!  You can learn the basics of painting portraits!  And you can slowly and steadily increase your knowledge and improve your skills. 

Is it easy??  NO of course not!  Is it do-able ......oh yes it really is, if you are ready and willing and put the work in to follow the course as it was designed and dedicate a weekly time slot to the lessons you CAN do it, and you will be thrilled with what you learn on this course.   I am proud of it..... I think you will be too,



Here are just some of the images from the course.  

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