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Old Master Workshop

23 10 2017

This year has been an introduction to more advance workshops here at MazArt Studio, and I was excited to launch my 3 day Old Master Style workshop.  This workshop was spread over three Thursday (although I also run it as 3 consequtive days for those who are travelling and staying locally during the workshop).  This is an advanced way of painting, however do let it deter you if you are a beginner as I am passionate that even beginners get amazing results using this underpainting method.  For those who have been following me know that I paint my portraits and pet portraits using this underpainting method, and it is absolutely one of my favorite ways to paint.  I believe that great detail and results can be acheived by breaking the painting stages down into these managable chunks.  Just take a look at how amazing the students have done on this course.  Of course I keep the numbers to a maxium of six - which ensures individual attention, and a wonderfully relaxed enviroment to learn.  I think the results speak for themselves.


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