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Commission A Pet or Person Portrait - Or any other subject for that matter!

Commissioning a portrait or a painting is a very personal decision and for many clients, it will be a gift for someone special, or in memory of a loved one, or special moment. For some, it will be the first time they have experienced commissioning a piece of art and it can seem very daunting.  I highly recommend you spend some time researching the style and type of portrait painting you would like.  There are many wonderful artists on the internet who offer portrait painting service with a varying mix of styles, as well as an extensive range of prices.  It is worth the time spent researching to find an artist that both suits the style of portrait you had in mind, as well as suiting your budget.  

I undertake regular commission work for pet and people portraits, and any other subject matter too!  I work directly from your photograph, which we will both agree upon. How much your portrait or painting will cost depends upon a few factors such as what medium you would like, do you want a scenic or a diffused softly blended background, and how many subjects will be in the portrait. The table below will give you an approximate guide on prices.  Please use the CONTACT ME form with your enquiry and we can begin discussions via email or a phone call so I can give you an exact quotation, once I have seen your chosen photograph.    I require a 50% deposit to begin work on your portrait, however, I do offer a 100% guarantee.  If for some reason you are not happy with your final portrait I will refund your deposit (this has never happened yet as all my clients have always been delighted!).  The final payment will be due upon approval of your portrait and your painting will be shipped out to you upon receipt of the balance.

To take a look at my commission work please visit the Commission Gallery, and this will give you a clear indication of my particular style.

The table below will give you a guide, please ensure you are happy with these guide prices before contacting me for an exact quotation.

Oil or Acrylic Portraits
Size (inches) One Subject Additional Subjects (each) Scenic Background Suitability Guide
8x10 £200 £40 £40 one small head & shoulder portrait
10x12 £240 £50 £50 one small head and shoulder portrait.
12x16 £320 £60 £60 one or two head & shoulder or single full body portrait.
14x18 £360 £70 £70 one or two head& shoulder or one full body portrait.
16x20 £400 £95 £95 one or two head & shoulder or one full body portrait or two smaller full body portraits 
18x24 £500 £120 £120 up to three head and shoulder or two full body portraits. (or 3 smaller full body portraits)
24x36 £600 £150 £150 up to four head & shoulder or three full body portraits (or four smaller full body portraits)
30x40 £800 £200 £200 up to five head and shoulder or four full body portraits. (or five smaller full body portraits)
40x50 £1000 £250 £250 Up to six or possibly more please send the photo for a more specific price guide.


Dry Brush Oil on watercolour Paper or Graphite Pencil on Paper

Size (inches) One Subject  additional subjects (each) scenic Background        Suitability guide
12x16 £240 £30 £30 one portrait
14x18 £270 £55 £55 two small head and shoulder
16x20 £300 £60 £60 one or two head & shoulder or one full body portrait or two smaller full body portraits 
18x24 £375 £75 £75 Three portraits full body.


Postage & Packaging.

Additional charges will need to be added to these basic costs for postage and packaging UNLESS you choose to have your painting done on a canvas sheet.  Canvas sheets are proper canvas, which arrives to me in sheets or on a roll.  I tape these to my board to complete the painting, however once dried the sheet can be rolled into a postal tube.   These are very popular and something which I do often as it keeps shipping costs very low so that it is not an additional charge for you to worry about.  Most good framers will be able to glue your painting to a board for framing once it arrives at your home.  If you decide to have your painting on a canvas sheet then the above charges WILL INCLUDE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE.  However, if you choose to have your painting completed on a canvas board or a stretched canvas then I will need to quote you for shipping to your country as these will incur extra charges.

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