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MAPP - MazArt Associated Painting Partner

Are you a certified art instructor? Or do you teach art? Are you always looking for new and inspirational material and fresh subjects to teach your students?  If so why not consider becomming a MazArt Associated Partner?  Many art instructors have contacted me to ask for permission to teach my videos to their own students and so I have decided to give permission to MazArt Associated Painting Partners upon approval of a succesful application.

What is a MazArt Associated Painting Partner (MAPP)?

Basically, as a MAPP you will be able to use any of my existing videos from both my online classes or from my free YouTube Channel to teach to your own students, with my full permission and no worries of copyright.  You MUST apply to become a MAPP and you will need to have purchased in advance the videos that you wish to teach.  (You cannot reproduce any of my paintings, only the ones which are available as a video).

My online videos are very low priced and come complete with downloadable PDF instructional sheet to enable you to accurately paint the picture, it also lists in detail the brushes and materials needed for that particular class.  These PDF's make great lessons plans for you to keep in your files.  The small charge for the online video tutorials can easily be recovered in the charges to your own students for a workshop.

What are the requirements to become a MAPP?

a) You must first already be a certified art instructor (it doesnt matter to whom you are certified, however, I will assume that as a certified art instructor you will have already reached a certain standard of painting and teaching.  Or you must already be teaching (evidence needs to be provided of certification or teaching with the application form).

b) You must APPLY to become a MAPP by downloading and completing the Application Form below.  Evidence of the quality of your work will be required in the form of TWO of MazArt Studio video tutorials - one of these must be purchased and one can be from my FREE YouTube Channel.  

c) Although there is NO INITIAL OUTLAY - you must purchase EACH video you wish to teach your students, however you may freely teach any of my free YouTube tutorials from my Channel once your application has been approved.  

d) You must credit Marion Dutton of MazArt Studio with the design on all social media platforms and advertising materials and not claim the design as your own.  You must ONLY advertise your classes with the PAINTING YOU HAVE COMPLETED - not with my version.  Your classes must be labelled "My version of a "what ever the name of the painting" by Marion Dutton of MazArt Studio"

e) Once approved you will be issued with a certificate of Approval via email for you to print.  

To apply to become a MAPP please download and complete the application form:  Please allow 2-4 weeks for your application to be approved.

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